Gear Gods Edition Axe-Handler Strings-Out


Trey Xavier is the editor-in-chief of Gear Gods, your only source for metal gear news and reviews, and guitarist/lead singer of In Virtue. He has played guitar for 22 years, and is an alumni of Berklee College of Music and Sonoma State University’s music program.

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The Axe-Handler Strings-Out

  • Turn ANY flat surface into a Support Stand. Amps, tables, chairs, stools, benches, and desks.
  • Engineered Weighted Design. Grip Lock feet for Maximum Stability.
  • MADE IN USA. Materials and Packaging are SOURCED from the USA.
  • SAFE for ALL FINISHES, Incl. Nitro-Cellulose. Made with high-grade TPV Material (not rubber)
  • Supports the Guitar Neck for String Changes. Great for Tech Benches!
  • Dual purpose as neck cradle to assist with string changes or bench work.